Monday, December 29, 2014


Why is it that people always reach out to their EX when they are about to commit to another?

I guess its cos anything and everything in life is a 50% chance.

You win or loose
You are successful or not
You are happy or sad
You are dominant or not

You can not be sure of the outcome in any situation.

I think that is the driving factor for people to always reach out to their earlier lovers when they have chosen someone.

It is like the final straw to make sure they are doing the right thing. If you are the one chosen then if there is an EX... I am sure there is a discussion... if not anything at least to make things right and be friends again... so that they can from now on have contact!

This has become sort of a trend I see in many people. May be that is how people behave! Its human nature! 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Men are complicated creatures…


They don’t always know what they want… they want everything they see… they have no clue what to do in a situation that is messy… they can think clearly and do stuff if their mind is clear, and if they are stress free and if they think they want to… they deflect what they can’t deal with on the other gender so easily… they think they are so simple but they are so complex and don’t every admit it… they want their paws on anything and everything they can find and graze through just for the heck of it… they get bored so easily cos they don’t like to get into the depth of anything… they say they think about sex a lot but in reality one woman will never ever see it cos its always with varied women so either the men don’t get it as much as they desire and just fantasize in their mind and don’t give as much to one women as they need…

All they want a woman to do is not question them or ask them anything or interfere with all their wants and desires and fantasies and support them in all possible ways and always be there for them!   

How selfish is that! And they say women are complicated!

Women become complicated seeing all this craziness cos when a person is all over the place… the girl kinda takes a stand or behaves more all over the place to make sure that the system is balanced trying to give them the upper hand!

What an interesting life! :D

Friday, December 20, 2013

Our Wants and Needs

Everybody has moments... the expectations... the want... the need to feel it...

Its not easy when something comes and rocks it out of the expectations.

IT IS NOT EASY.... Just as its not easy for you.

Everything in life goes both ways. Nothing goes one way and stays that way.

You can give all you got... those moments do matter!

And if someone has to act like certain things don't matter... its not possible.

The least bit is to share why... cos if that is also not there then there is no way of knowing what it is

And the person feels like they are not worth it and thats not a nice place to be in!

Every want and need comes from some inner tingle.

All it needs is an explanation and then it would be alright.

Without that... it becomes guess work and that is not how you would want your loved on to feel!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Fever

Why does seeing you on a Friday matter so much.. I know I won't see the next two days and so it kinda like manifests I guess.

I feel like I want to see you and when that is not what you feel it hurts. May be you do but there are so many other things that you have to do...

I don't even feel like telling you this right now cos... If you don't feel it and only I feel it... well, it is not worth telling... its just that sad feeling that takes over.

Yeah... I know, you have a lot going on and you just don't have the time and blah blah blah but I'm not able to not feel this way. Its just that simple. I'm selfish about what I feel and I feel this. Makes me sad. Makes me wanna cry. Makes me not wanna say it. Makes me speechless.

Only a very sad feeling inside me prevails. The feeling of loneliness and sadness... that chokes my speech.

If you ever see this... you will know how I feel... if not... well like they say NeverMind... no love lost... life goes on...

And so is my life! Another one of those lonely sad days! 

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Yes, I feel it.... so so much!

I am not even able to say it out cos then it reflects on what I am all about right?

I do want more. I am kinda alienating myself from the world around me. Not that I wanted to but I have lost interest in the one thing I was so interested in when I was young.

Not exactly lost interest... but have become not what I used to talk about! I used to talk about how sex is the key thing and how you can have it in any way possible which who ever... but what has changed now. I have all the opportunity now and completely not in that mode! why?

I sometimes want it and long for it... so very much... but then nothing more! I have become a different person now.

But I feel the loneliness inside me! What do I do with it. I don't know.

Should I venture? Should I look out? Should I find someone?

How do I deal with this thought in my head?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Things that Get me Sad

I get way too wet for my guy to go down on me...

A night when we get high on drinks at home happens after reminding that its been ages...

I have to ask for something different all the time...

Keep on a constant motivation... (And guys say they think of sex all the time... duhhh) (oh yeah... it is with different girls right... forgot!)

A drink can happen with friends, office parties or during travel but then when with me... oh I have to reduce... become so fat... arrggghhhh

Seems like I'm the one always wanting for more... why do I feel that way...

Flirts with all and then avoids telling me cos it will hurt me.... yeah right!!!!!

Now, I don't even know what to think anymore... cos certain words are stuck in my head...

"Don't Ask" - okay... does that mean a yes or a no or what am I to think... of course it doesn't matter as long as its not spoken....

Saying we have not spoken about sex with other partners.... Gosh... I can remember details of discussion... where did this come from now!

A phone call on my birthday is too much to ask for...

Why am I feeling this way all of a sudden... Why am I thinking of all these and listing them down?

There comes a time in a relationship when you don't want to do all the work... you want the other to reciprocate.

You don't want to feel that you are the one holding things together but both are equally interested...

Am I going out of the sanity talk right now? Or is it fair enough to ask these questions?

I knew this was not gonna be easy... what also hurts is things that are told and then well forgotten... of course what else do you expect from a man's memory!

The thing I hate the most... the though of will he tell me knowing that something would hurt me!!!! Hate this thought in my head cos this gets me down to the bottom of the pit!

How do I come out of it? I think the moments of togetherness are enough but then its not always true!

I want to know if I will know the truth or is it a lie just like the other life to make sure the boat is not rocking!

Am I making a big thing out of nothing or is there something that is bothering me so much to list down so many things!

Something isn't right! My gut does not let me down.

If I can trust something that is what I would trust....

Sad Truth of my Life!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Then there are these moments when your lover is there and spends that time and makes you feel on top of the world....

What lovely moments!!!!